Dan's AIDS/Lifecycle 7 Pictorial Journal
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Well, once again, what can I say? This was my twelfth consecutive ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to help the fight against AIDS.  Together with my 60 contributors, we raised over $6,500! That equated to a total of over $11.6 million for the AIDS Foundations. Truly Awesome.

It was an extremely enjoyable ride this year which is code for no injuries or mishaps. And once again it was a flat-less ride. Just lucky I guess. I can’t remember better weather conditions in the past 12 years. It was slightly cool but extremely windy. Since we were headed south most of the time, that meant we were being pushed by glorious tail winds. There were a couple times when we were being pushed to the sideways but for the most part, it was to our benefit. I also decided before the ride not to ride my fixed gear bike. I did not want to risk an injury to my knees once again. This is a decision I did not regret.

It was also a ride that my girlfriend, Kathryn contributed her services as a massage therapist. She did have reservations camping for six nights (one night would normally be too much). It turned out to be an incredible experience for her and is one she’ll never forget.


Enjoy the pictures.

Thank you so much for your continuing support! And I'll be in touch next year for ALC8!