Dan's AIDS/Lifecycle 8 Pictorial Journal
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As I've said 12 times before, my 13th year of riding from San Francisco to LA in seven days (uh, sort of) was absolutely amazing! Because of the bad economic times, I expected to have a harder time raising funds for this crucial cause. Even though I raised slightly less than last year, I am truly inspired by contributors. Together, we raised over $5,700! And for the foundations (SF Aids Foundation and LA Gay & Lesbian Center), we raised over $10.5 million dollars. We had 400 less riders this year with 2,150 riders and over 500 roadies to support the riders.

Because I'm considered a "veteran", I felt I needed to change things up a bit to make the ride a bit more challenging. So, my solution to that equation was to ride the ride on a fixed gear bike. hat that means is I had one gear (a 46x18 gearing for you bike geeks). Also, there is no coasting at all. I basically pedaled every inch. I can't explain it but I felt once I had the gear figured out (one that provides a gear to climb and one that helps you maintain a good flat and level pace. For me that was a 46x18 which equates to 67 gear inches), I felt a oneness wit the bike. I had confidence I could tackle and hill the ride could throw at me... except for one unanticipated climb of 21%! For that, I got off the bike and walked about 100 feet to the top. I was not going to threaten hurting my knees. Other than that, I climbed every hill for the week at 18,000' of elevation gain. And with no injuries except for sore muscles.

The weather however did not cooperate on Day 6. Since it was a very heavy downpour and we had a four mile steep descent, CHP closed the route. More on that when you get to the Day 6 page.

I took well over 300 pictures of which I feel represent the incredible beauty for California as well as pictures of supporters along the entire route. So, sit back, grab a beverage of your choice and take a look.

Enjoy the pictures.

Thank you so much for your continuing support! And I'll be in touch next year for ALC 9!