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Day 4 Wednesday (6/3/2009) - Paso Robles to Santa Maria

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Day 4.  Paso Robles to Santa Maria. 93.6 Miles, 3000' of climbing

The ride would take us from Paso Robles out to the coast passing the half way mark to LA! Then on the coast pass Morro Bay, through San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and into Santa Maria.

The gear trucks in Paso Robles. Also, my neighbor Jenn. It was her first ride. Ah, nothing like your first ride!

Riding out at 6:30 am. Also a shot of camp as we were leaving.

Route 46 from Paso Robles out to the coast. Too major (really not so) climbs called the "Evil Twins" at the beginning of the day.

An interesting shot of the moss hanging from trees on the Central Coast of California. I took this picture while taking a .. nature break. I know, TMI! (Too Much Information)

Pictures of the last climb and summit of the Evil Twins.

My "daily" picture taken with Mom & Dad right after summiting the last of the two Evil Twins!

After passing the infamous "half-way to LA" point (which I chose to not stop at), we had a 5 or 6 mile descent which I was quite concerned. Why? Being on a fixed gear bike, the fastest I could go safely was 25 mph. I was concerned that someone would rear end me that was going a lot faster than I could go. I took it easy keeping as far to the right as I could go and safely made it down.

The route down on the coast that would take us to Morro Bay. It was very foggy and misty. I was quite bundled up as I hate the cold.

Lunch at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo. A "server" serving hungry riders.

The ride out to lunch headed to the Pismo Beach area. I love this part of the ride.

Riding into Pismo Beach. It is one of my favorite places! And the cinnamon rolls! No guilt! Of course after getting on my bike, a four mile ride to the steepest climb of the ride at an alleged 21% gradient. Whatever it was, I had to walk up half way due to my fixed gear config. This climb was not expected by most and is promised to not be a part of the ride next year! I wouldn't mind it, as I've climbed it before with no problem on a geared bike. But on a fixie, NO way!

Hitting some rolling hills before we dropped down into the Santa Maria Valley. Crosswinds are usually really bad in the flat winds but today were not bad at all.

Rest Stop 4 in Guadalupe. Sees Candy Stop! Those Rest Stop Guys are too much! But the candy was awesome.

After filling up with plenty of chocolate for energy ;-), I had a quick 13 miles into camp Santa Rosa. Another flat and level ride that normally would see 30 mph speeds on a normal bike. Not today. Max I got to was 24. Still only one rider passed me. It was still early. I was in the top 75 riders in. Not bad for an old guy on a fixie, eh?

Camp Santa Maria. I rolled in at 2:15 pm.

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