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Welcome! This website was created so I could reach out and communicate with you! Since my personal interests rotate around two main categories (playing drums and bicycling), I've decided to start with them.

So, a little about me. I have been playing drums for (I hate to admit this) over 50 years. I started strictly out of peer pressure. I was the only kid on the block that didn't want to play guitar, so it started that way. I've played ever since then (with a few years here and there when I took off). You can read more about my drumming things on my Drum link. I am currently playing with three great bands in the San Francisco East Bay area. Check out the link My Bands on the left for details. They are all different.

Bicycling. I've been riding seriously since 1995 when I decided to quit the gym and ride bikes for exercise instead. I got the bug bad and since then I've logged well over 100,000 miles on bikes. Mostly road bikes. I can also take pride in the fact that I've ridden in eighteen consecutive annual rides that raise money for the fight against AIDS. It's called the AIDS Lifecycle event. More on this on my AIDS/LifeCycle Page on the left.