Dan's AIDS/Lifecycle 8 Pictures
Day 3 (Tuesday 6/2/2009) - King City to Paso Robles

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Day 3.  King City to Paso Robles. 62 miles, 2457' of climbing.

The ride would take us from King City through to Fort Hunter Liggett to Bradley then to Paso Robles.

We travelled from camp to the base of the Quad Buster Hill. I rode past Rest Stop 1 because I wanted to get to it as soon as I could. At mile 11, we would start to climb the hill hitting gradient's to 10%. It was a slow steady climb. Sure I was slow but I made it. Any doubts riding my fixie that existed before this climb evaporated by the time I got to the top.

The ride out to Rest Stop 2 at mile 20. Beautiful moss growing on the trees always get my attention that reminds me of Florida.

Rest Stop 2.

The ride out to Bradley is pleasant and has been hot in the past. Today it was very cool.

Riding into Bradley at mile 41. From our support in the town by buying lunch and t-shirts, the ALC riders would give the small town $11,000! It all goes to the Bradley school system.

My good friend, Ron Marshall who was a roadie this year riding a sweep vehicle. He'll be riding next year.

Riding from Bradley to camp in Paso Robles. I missed the Rest Stop 4 which I understand was the best rest stop at the Mission in San Miguel. The route took us on Highway 101 which was at times rather scary with the 18 wheeler rolling within 10 feet of us.

I rolled into camp Paso Robles at 11:30 am. Here I am with my friend Blake, a very fast rider in her own right.

The fixed gear clan from the AIDS ride. There were about 15 of us, of which I was the oldest one. The craziest guy (meant in a loving way of course) was Dane, a 20 year old rider. He was riding an incredible 107 gear inches (49x13). My gear ration was 67 inches (46x18). Sorry about cutting his head off but getting his bike in the shot was the important thing here. WOW!

  Me with a bunny and the rider news after dinner.

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