Dan's AIDS/Lifecycle 8 Pictures
Day Zero (Saturday 5/30/2009) - San Francisco at the Cow Palace

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Day 0. This is the day before the ride actually starts. You bring your bike in, attend a safety video, register for the ride and then get your tent assignment. This would be Kathryn's second year as being a roadie for the ride. She however would not be able to do the ride this year due to a meeting she needed to attend in SF on June 4th. Even though she registered with me, we knew there was the probability that she would not be going. I would miss her but one good thing would come of our misfortune. I'd be able to stretch out on my two person tent since she was my designated tent partner.


The first line of many to come in the next week.

Kath and I in the safety video

Downtown Julie Brown, the San Francisco Training Ride Leader Coordinator giving us instructions. Real bad picture so sorry folks. You rawk Julie!

Riders enjoying the 21 minute video.

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