Dan's AIDS/Lifecycle 8 Pictures
Day 7 (Saturday 6/6/2009) - Ventura Beach to LA (Closing Ceremonies)

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Day 7. Ventura Beach to Los Angeles Veterans Center. 62 Miles, 1811' of climbing

  After our "adventure of Day 6, we were itching to get on the ride to finish the ride. Kathryn and I had a great evening of dinner and sleeping in a real bed in a great hotel on Oxnard. The plan was since she already had my gear bag, all I had to do was be dropped off at camp around 7am. The course was officially opened at 6 am to guarantee riders could get into the VA Center by 3pm. Piece of cake. Maximum riding time for me, barring any problems was four hours. Of course, I'd spend time a lunch and all the rest stops. The plan was for Kath and I to meet up at 2 PM. This year fro the first time in 13 years, I would pass on closing ceremonies.

  Morning in Ventura. Since our bikes had been shipped to Ventura, the bike crew laid out plenty of spread sheets indicating where our bikes were located. Also, Chicken Lady had (as she does every year) given all riders a plastic egg with a little message to each rider. The egg was rubber banded to each bike seat. A lot of work!

Finally, on the road to LA!

Riding through Oxnard (where we had stayed the night before). I stopped at my favorite donut shop called Spudnuts. The cinnamon roll was gooey and wonderful. I would savor it as it would be my last until next year.

Riding out towards LA passing Point Mugu Naval Air Station on the way to Rest Stop 1 for one last time.

Rest Stop 1.

Back on the ride for the beautiful views of the Pacific Coast Highway. I would see Mom & Dad one last time... A special note to Mom & Dad (because I know you'll be looking at my pics). Have a great time in your retirement and enjoy life to its fullest. Everyday is a gift. I know you will treat it like that. And don't forget, we all love you on the ride! Take care.

More incredible shots of the majestic PCH. We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place.

Rest Stop 2. Pictures from the left to right of bike tech (who were awesome as usual) and then of Bob Katz, a long time rider ands Positive Peddler! Bob continues to bean inspiration to all of us riders, newbie's and veterans included.

Riding into Malibu. We all had to be very careful as LA traffic was starting show it's ugly head.

My 100 rpm mark...20 mph. Zuma Beach!

More supporters and a Kodak moment.

Lunch across from Pepperdine University. It was quite relaxing, even though we once again were held up due to two serious bicycle accidents as I was headed towards the VA Center. The first was not an ALC rider and involved a medi-vac'd rider across from where we were having lunch. The second did involve an ALC rider but we never received details.

Finally riding out of lunch, we headed towards Santa Monica. The ride ahead of me in this shot was a single speed rider who apparently had more than one bike on the ride. His wife was travelling in her own vehicle and had a couple of his other bikes. He would use geared bikes in climbing days. He said he had bad knees from sky diving but loved riding single speed. He was from Belgium. Interesting guy.

Riding along San Vincente Blvd. always caps the ride. There were many people out supporting us.


Finally after negotiating much crazy traffic, we rolled up quickly to the finish line. Even though it's not a race, it sure felt like it. Very cool.


Once again the week went by way too fast. Writing this makes me realize how great an event this is. We are making a difference. Imagine doing something that you love and being able to raise much needed funds, especially in these very bad economic times where budgets are being cut by the government left and right. I will continue to do this event until it doesn't have to be done. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. Thanks to all my supporters. You are my heroes!

On a more personal note, Kathryn and I will be riding the ride (number 14 for me and her first as a rider) on our tandem bicycle. That will be another huge challenge for both of us. We've got a lot of training to do!



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