Dan's AIDS/Lifecycle 8 Pictures
Day 1 (Sunday 5/31/2009) - San Francisco To Santa Cruz

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Day 1. SF's Cow Palace to Santa Cruz. 80 miles 5130' of climbing.


Opening Ceremonies at Cow Palace in San Francisco

Me and Kathryn at Opening Ceremonies before the ride out.

My bike, my trusty Lemond Fillmore. It's a steel frame and fork with a fixed gear configuration (46 tooth front chain ring and 18 tooth rear cog). That's all I would use for the entire ride.

All the riders preparing to ride out of bike parking for the first time. Talk about bottle neck! 2100 riders all wanting to get on the ride... NOW!

Out on the road. It was once again a very cool day for June. We would have many people cheering us on.

Daly City where it seems it is always foggy! Great! Cool and wet!

My fellow training ride leader Dave from East Bay Rides

The illustrious Chicken Lady!!!!

Rest Stop One. Again, wayyy too many people because we all left at the same time. I bagged it and rode to the next stop.

Near the top of the Highway 92 climb.

Rest Stop 2 in Half Moon Bay. They had these tasty cherry cakes that I would not see again. Yummy! Great thing about riding, you can eat all the wrong things and feel no guilt.

Supporters and views between Rest Stop 2 and lunch at mile 42. It's really amazing what you're seeing on the road.

Lunch at San Gregario Beach at mile 42.

My friends and fellow fixie riders Alfie & Lisa.

Uh, you know... These are my little friends ;-)

Mom and Dad, long time institution on the ALC Rides. I'm sad to say they are claiming this would be their last ride as they want to enjoy their retirement in other ways! We will miss them! Some how, I don't think however this will be their last ride! Love you guys!

Me on the coast on the way to Santa Cruz!

  Views between lunch and Rest Stop 3. I love the Pacific Coast. Absolutely stunning!

I love pelicans!

Rest Stop 3 Diva!

Unofficial Team Pie stop. Dutch Apple pie at mile 75! Just what the doctor ordered.

On the road entering Santa Cruz! it so inspiring to see all the supporters of the ride on the route! I rolled into camp at 2 pm.

Bike parking in Santa Cruz. Not many bikes...yet!

Me with some friends I met at dinner.

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