Dan's AIDS/Lifecycle 5 Pictorial Journal
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This was my tenth AIDS ride down the beautiful coast of California from San Francisco to LA in seven days. This ride is such an incredible event that it is hard to summarize it so I decided to take as many pictures as I could. We had great riding weather for the most part. I had my first mishap on Day Two but was able to complete the entire ride except for 40 miles on Day Two. You see, I had a broken bicycle (more on that later), and it was impossible to ride every mile as I always have in the past, However, I feel, I paid three fold with the uncomfortable nights trying sleep on my bruised ribs ;-). Thanks for looking and to my contributors, you helped me personally raise over $6,200. We, as a community of over 1800 riders and 400 crew members, raised 8 million dollars. Thank you so much for your continuing support! And I'll be in touch next year for ALC6!