World of Matter

Miami, Florida

Where are we now?

Danny Hertlein - Drums/Vocals

1970       2007

After WoM disbanded in'74, I decided to get serious with life and finish college and get married. While attending Miami-Dade Community College, I met my future wife in 1972. After the band broke up, we set a date which would be '76. Got married. After being out of music for a couple of years, I was asked to join a major act which I turned down. I then joined a local competitor of WoM, Hemlock. That band played locally and won a national battle of the bands in 1978. The prize? A recording of the song. We were flown to San Francisco and recorded the song on Warner/Curb records and were asked to record a movie soundtrack. That movie, Swap Meet was released in 1979. That trip would introduce me to the San Francisco Bay Area. I loved it.

I would get a divorce in 1980, leave Hemlock and form the top 40 band, Taxi. A few of the members from Hemlock followed me to Taxi. I then got the opportunity to audition with the great R&R band LIPS which had Steve Argy from WoM on bass. This was a monster R&R cover band with a great lead singer, Sherry Karnes. Actually, all the members of LIPS were great singers (although I never considered myself in their league vocally). I jumped at the chance to audition and got the gig. To say I P.O.'d some of my band mates from Taxi would be an understatement. I got the job with LIPS and we gigged much of the year on the road in Florida. Unfortunately, LIPS disbanded at the end 1981. I would join another band, a oldies band called Shake, Rattle and Roll. I would leave that band when I moved out to the Bay Area in 1984. I thought there would be many musical opportunities but all I could find were original bands that basically starved. I needed to earn a living so I answered an ad in the local paper for a Taxpayer Service Representative for the IRS!

After 23 years, I am once again single and am still with the IRS as a Senior Computer Specialist. I also have been in four bands since moving out here in 1984. The punk/Pop band Demarest , a rhythm and blues band called Secret Weapon (sorry no pictures), and currently in a great four piece band called Mixed Nuts. I continue to have a life long passion for all things concerning drums. I also am still singing (I never realized that I would someday become a lead singer!) My web site at danhertlein.com

Thanks for looking. If you'd like feel free to email me at danhertlein@comcast.net


Dan Hertlein