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My six bikes are in the pictures above. On the left is my new Volagi carbon fiber bike with Shimano Ultegra components and disc brakes! Great bike that is getting a lot of buzz in the industry. My Wife Kathryn, also has the same bike. Next is my Lemond Fillmore fixed gear steel bike that I have repainted and added White Industries components. I love riding fixed gear. It's so liberating. Plus, it's a great workout! Then my steel Independent Fabrications Crown Jewel road bike with Dura-Ace components. Next is my tandem, a DaVinci Tandem bicycle. Recently I purchased a great older bike called the Klein Quantum Pro aluminum road bike. Back in the day, this bike was top of the line. I know why as it is a very fast bike. I love this bike! Last but not least is my 10 year old Bontrager Privateer mountain bike.


Starting in April of 2012, I decided I was a little on the heavy side. I was riding 3-4 days a week. So, by using MyFitnessPal.com and starting to ride almost everyday, as of September, I've gone from 200 pounds to 165! You know what? My fatigue issues have improved dramatically. Also, I stopped donating blood. This was a hard decision since I always gave blood. In the end, I found it took me a lot longer to recover so I've decided to stop. I try to ride everyday and if not I walk. Bottom line, I'm healthy and feel great! Kathryn and I also completed another AIDS/Lifecycle ride on our tandem from SF to LA. That was my 16th consecutive year and Kathryn's third. I finished 2012 with the most miles I have ever done, 9,990! Missed 10, 000 miles by 100! Darn! Next year for sure. Also, I finished two double centuries bring my total to 31 finished. In 2013, I hope to complete five double centuries. It's gonna be a busy year!


I've been dealing with a fatigue issue for the last couple of years. I've been checked out with no definite results except that I'm getting older. My wife thinks I'm going through male menopause. Whatever, it  feels like I'm bonking when I exert myself. I have changed my diet and am taking supplements. I do notice the longer I ride, the less of it I feel. And when I ride multiple days, I feel better. So, now I generally ride six days and take a day off. I hate getting older!

Kathryn and I will be doing another AIDS/Lifecycle ride this year (2012). We completed the ALC 10 ride on the tandem, which was our second year on the tandem. This year, on the ride, we broke 13 spokes on both wheels. The bike shop (Crank-2 in Pleasanton), thought it was a bad batch of spokes and we re-built the wheel set. No broken spokes since then. We will ride ALC11 on the tandem in 2012. The ALC11 ride will be my 16th consecutive year riding from SF to LA. It will be Kath's thrid!

My double century riding has really slowed down because of my fatigue issues. This year I will only attempt the Knoxville Double in September because I want to hit 30 completed doubles (we'll see....)


It's the beginning of March and I've got around 700 miles in so far. Much better training regimen so far. I am primarily riding my fixed gear bike because I plan on riding at least three double centuries (Death Valley Double and Solvang Double in March) on the fixed gear as well as the AIDS ride in June.


Another slow start to the year due to lack of motivation due to personal conflicts. In June, I rode my eleventh consecutive AIDS ride to LA (see the link at the top). I was unable to complete any double centuries in the fall. I started riding the Knoxville Double but took a spill at mile 70 tearing my rotator cuff. I started start riding my new fixed gear bike to improve my riding skills, strength, and endurance. I completed 4200 miles on the road, my lowest total in ten years


I rode a little over 5,000 miles in 2006 including two completed double centuries and many supported and unsupported centuries. I also completed my tenth consecutive AIDS ride from San Francisco to LA in June.


I rode less again in 2005. I rode 5800 miles. I'm not sure if getting older and heavier had anything to do with it. It seems that back in 2001 when I started to lose a lot of weight, my mileage went up.  Maybe I should do something about that. I rode my ninth consecutive AIDS ride (AIDS/Lifecycle 4). I said long time ago that I would keep riding the ride until it didn't have to be run anymore.  I also finished two double centuries and numerous single centuries.


In 2004, I intentionally rode less. I felt I rode too much the previous year. A major part of my riding consisted of commuting from work. Usually two or three times a week.. I rode over 6000 miles. I completed four double centuries (yes! I finished every one I started!). They were Solvang, Davis, Mt. Tam, and Knoxville. Once again, I finished another AIDS/LifeCycle Ride (ALC3). Check out my ALC3 wrap up letter. Click here for the letter. This was my eighth consecutive ride. I also rode several organized centuries as well as many unsupported centuries.


In 2003, I rode 8236 miles. This includes numerous centuries (most unsupported) and two double centuries (Devil Mountain and Knoxville). On June 14th, I completed the AIDS/Lifecycle 2 ride in which we rode from San Francisco to LA again for the seventh consecutive year.  I attempted four double centuries and only completed two. Due to heat, I did not finish the Death Valley Double on October and Terrible Two Double in June. This was the first year that I did not complete the California Triple Crown since I started back in 1997. I also rode the infamous Climb to Kaisers ride in July which I did as a result of not participating in the Death Ride in July. I found the Climb to Kaisers to be every bit if not more challenging than the Death Ride. This was my first year not riding the Death Ride in six years.


I rode 7008 miles. This amount includes Solvang Double Century in March , the AIDS/LifeCycle 1 Ride (SF to LA in seven days) in May, the Terrible Two Double Century in June and the Knoxville Double Century in September. I also rode the Death Ride in the California Sierra Mountains in July. I've ridden at least 14 centuries (supported as well as unsupported). If you'd like to read some of my journals of my epic rides, Please check out my Dan's Rides Page at http://danhertlein.com/dansrides.html 


Rode 6500 miles.

Completed three Double Centuries (Solvang Double, Devil Mountain Double, and Central Coast Double). I did not finish Death Valley Double back in February due to snow closing the course, but I did ride 150 miles that day (40 of it in a 30 mph headwind!).

Three of the doubles are rated as the toughest in California (Devil Mountain Double, Central Coast Double and Terrible Two Double). I did not finish theTerrible Two Double in June due to cramping and feeling lousy in general. Besides, it was the hardest ride I had ever attempted. I did, however finish 175 miles of it with 15,000' of climbing. Next year I hope to complete it within the time restrictions. The Knoxville Double Century in September will be the last double century this year I will do. I also successfully completed the beautiful and tough Death Ride in July while shaving off 1 1/2 hours from last years time. 

And finally, I completed riding in my fifth California Aids Ride (CAR8).  I've raised over $6000! To date for all five, I've been able to raise over $26,000! My proudest achievement!


Rode 6200 miles
Three double centuries (becoming a California Triple Crown Winner)
Not sure how many centuries
Completed the Death Ride (all five passes, the hardest ride I've ever ridden)
Completed my forth California AIDS Ride (7).

Rode 7200 miles!
Rode the California AIDS Ride Six 6/6/99 through 6/12/99, riding 570 miles.
Rode six centuries so this year.
Rode the Hemet Double Century on April 10th and did the Death Ride in July (four out of five passes).

Rode 5700 miles
Five Centuries
One Double Century 
Rode the California AIDS Ride 5 from SF to LA (576 miles) in seven days
Rode the Death Ride...Three out of five passes and 10,000 feet of climbing in the Sierra's in 76 miles.

Rode 7000 miles
12 Centuries (one hundred mile organized and supported bike ride)
Rode the California AIDS Ride 4 from SF to LA (582 miles) in seven days

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