Dan's AIDS/Lifecycle 6 Pictorial Journal
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This was my eleventh AIDS ride down the beautiful coast of California from San Francisco to LA in seven days. Since it was the start of  my second decade participating, I decided I would up the challenge by riding the entire ride on a single speed bicycle. And challenge it was! Time makes one forget how difficult this event is. Any experienced rider gets fatigued riding multi-day events. I did again but also injured my right knee on the flat roads. I had no problem climbing. It was decided by the great Sports Medicine crew that my injury was probably caused by my spinning too fast on the flats. Thankfully, deep stretching, taping, and the application of ice/cold packs got me back on the road. I finished every mile this year on one speed.

 Thanks for looking and to my contributors, you helped me personally raise over $5,600. We, as a community of over 2,300 riders and 500 crew members, raised 11 million dollars. Thank you so much for your continuing support! And I'll be in touch next year for ALC7!

I'd also like to thank Alice for helping out so much!