Pics and ride profile of Terrible Two Double Century

Saturday 6/25/05  152 miles  12467' of Elevation Gain

We didn't finish due to time cutoff's! It was not to be...

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Ride profile downloaded from my bike computer (CicloMaster CM436M)

Lisa & Alfie at the start. They would finish strong!

Bennets Valley Road headed towards Trinity Road., fist major climb of the day.

Silverado Trail on the way to Calistoga.

Highway 128 on the way to the second major climb, the Geysers!

Doug at the bottom of Geysers Road showing me how strong he is. He actually broke that banana would his bare hands!

Me eating the half of the banana before stating the 8 mile climb up the Geyser.

At the top of Geyser Road. I prefer this weather to a hot climb.

The second summit of Geyser road. You see it at the top of that mountain. The rest stop (RS# 2 at mile 80) is up there!

Doug starting the second climb of Geyser Road.

Me at the top enjoying some watermelon.

Same with Doug. Notice the fog we were in coming up the front side. Truly epic!

Back side of Geyser road. Man, I hate this descent.

Skaggs Springs. See the windy road in the middle of the hill. That's the 18% section. This year, we were lucky because the hottest we saw it get was 85'. It's known to get 115 here. I've seen it. Not pretty!

Top of Skaggs. The first summit that is!