Our Trip to Timber Cove Inn, Jenner CA. Thanksgiving 2008

I had visited Timber Cove Inn over 20 years ago with wife number...well that's not important now is it.  Regardless, I found it to be a very magical place. It had no phones or TV and I found that to be somehow special. Just a place close enough from home (90 miles or so) but far enough away to be special. And it is. New management has installed phones and satellite installed flat screen TV's but that was fine. No cell service of course, so my MacBook wasn't on-line, but again, that's a good thing.

The room we had (Kathryn and I that is) also had a hot tub (big yeh!). It also had a rock. Rather than sandblast the rock that had been there for thousands of years, they built the room around it. Very cool. Oh, also there were raccoons we were told. So, after our Thanksgiving dinner we had in the dining room (very nice by the way), I chummed the area outside our room with pieces of ClifBar. If I was going to feed the wildlife, they were gonna eat healthy! And sure enough, within a half hour, we had a bandit helping himself. Very funny.

The next day we got up and decided to have breakfast, take a hike around the beautiful area and take in a bike ride. I've ridden in area before and Kathryn wanted to ride. The problem is, you have to go up! I took her up a major climb called Ft. Ross Road which is part of the infamous Terrible Two Double Century that I've done a few times. And call it Terrible Two because of climbs like Ft. Ross road. We started up the climb which turned into an eventual 10-17% climb for two and a half miles. Kathryn went up every inch. I promised her I would do some more yoga classes which is her passion.

We ended up heading back down the climb and hitting the hot tub before checking out. All in all, we decided to make our Thanksgiving getaway to Timber Cove Inn an annual tradition. Can't wait!

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Pics are in order of trip

Pictures are in order of occurrence

Kathryn outside our room with the rock.

The rock inside our room.

Our little bandito friend

Kathryn and me at breakfast

The beauty of the North Coast is amazing!

Kathryn & I checking out the local grounds.

Here we are on Ft. Ross road. We would climb 1,000' in 1 1/2 miles.