Dan's California AIDS Ride 4 Pictures
Various pictures of my California AIDE 4 adventures

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Thurman and Shirley (Keith's much better half) on Day 1 in Santa Cruz

It made me cry. Day 2 I think.

Me and Thurman looking for Michael Jackson near Santa Ynez on Day 5. Didn't find him ;-)

Keith and me on Day 5

Thurman, Steve and Keith posing for the poser. Day ?

Thurman, Steve and myself on Day 5. This was taken in Solvang, CA. where we had a ravenous appetite for Danish pastries!

Steve and Thurman chowing down.

Thurman, a tired me and Keith at the end of CAR4 on Day 7 in Beverly Hills!

Thurman paying respect to the beautiful city of Beverly Hills! You had to be there!