AIDS/LifeCycle 4 Picture Journal

Day 7 - Saturday June 11, 2005 - Ventura to LA

62 Miles - 1420' of climbing

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 Ride elevation profile for Day Seven. Also, click on this link to view a map of the ride. http://experience.aidslifecycle.org/2005/map/

The last day. I was sort of sad  it was over but l was looking forward to sleeping in a real bed tonight and using a real toilet. Paul and I would be flying home.

The last time we packed up our tent.

On the road on the way to Oxnard and then to PCH, Malibu and then into LA.

We stopped at our usual coffee/pastry shop, Spudnuts. This year, unlike prior years, there were many riders there ahead of us.


Paul caffeinating.

Point Magu's Naval Base. That F4 is huge!

The "corner" of Point Magu and PCH which hosts Rest Stop One at mile 20.4.

Back on the road on PCH.

Supporters on PCH.

  More. I actually love riding this road.

And more...

Some sand.

Malibu coming up.

Crew at Rest Stop Two at mile 32.7.

Me mugging at RS Two.

My cycle buddy, Susan Parish on the phone. She always has a bright face and smile.

Me and Susan. Susan's role at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is to support SF riders throughout the year.

Me and a fellow ride and training ride leader, Mark Smith.

Another shot of the LOGO film crew doing what they do best, filming.

A shack in Malibu. Try a five million dollar shack!

A shot of me and my trusty Trek 5900. A great bike. Extremely light (not like me), fast, and comfortable. Nice background too!

Another view of the beautiful coast of Malibu.

Paul at lunch (our last) at mile 45.8. Lunch is always located across from Pepperdine University.

Hey, why not? The view (my last fro this year) on the inside of a porta potty. I will not miss it!

A shot on the beach in Santa Monica.

We cross under the road. Last year my digital camera died in the tunnel. I was determined not to have it happen again this year!

Paul at Starbucks in Beverley Hills. Rumor has it that Nicole Simpson tried to purchase this franchise before... well, you know.

Linc, me, Greg ( I think) and Tracey. I had a Vanilla Bean and a reduced fat Cinnamon cake. YUM! Closing ceremony was about two miles up the road.

Me at the closing holding area. I love my iPod!

Mounting up for the ride into (not much of a ride actually) closing ceremonies.

The rider less bicycle at the closing ceremonies. That is my friend Ferd Garcia in orange.

Paul and I were at the rear again but that was OK. We saw and heard everything.

Paul. Notice the picture on his Camelback. That is a picture of his Brother-In-Law and uncle (father and son). Both died of AIDS related diseases. That is why we do the ride! And the countless millions in the world afflicted with this heinous disease. I've committed to riding this ride and raising money to fight it until it doesn't need to be done...

Me. I will be riding next year fro my tenth consecutive ride. Thanks for looking.


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