AIDS/LifeCycle 4 Picture Journal

Day 6 - Friday June 10, 2005 - Lompoc to Ventura

89.97 Miles - 2828' of climbing

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 Ride elevation profile for Day Six. Also, click on this link to view a map of the ride.  http://experience.aidslifecycle.org/2005/map/

Crew from Gear Truck C.

The only threat of rain was the previous evening. It was foggy and chilly.

Paul, ready to get on the road.

Paul on the road at the start of the day. We basically climbed at a very gradual slope fro about 17 miles into the clouds. It was definitely a knee grinder. I was pulled over to un hydrate myself.

A good shot of the fog.

Rest Stop One at mile 15.1

After a great descent where CHP closed the road for us to come down onto Highway 101, we eventually found our way onto the coast on the way to Santa Barbara. I love this day! What a glorious day!

Looking behind me ( I was off the bike), you can see the fog we were in earlier.

A crew member at Rest Stop Two at mile24.5.

A good shot of the road a head and of the coast. It would get cool again so I was not stripping down...yet.

A good shot of our fabulous tech crew. They kept us rolling.

Turning inland a little north of Santa Barbara.

Paul coming up on our way to lunch.

Lunch at mile 45. Notice the exposed buns on the crew member.

Riding through the suburbs in Santa Barbara.

The marina on Santa Barbara beach.

On the bike trail on the beach. That is the Santa Barbara pier.

More bike trail. I love this trail.

A shot of my cockpit! I was traveling at a pretty good clip at 20.3 MPH.

The Paradise "unofficial" rest stop put on by wonderful Santa Barbara supporters located at the south end of Santa Barbara. Ice cream, soda's, candy! Outstanding! But to be honest, the chair was my favorite. I'm there, in the middle.

Paul with a past acquaintance, Fred. We were sitting in the chairs and Fred, who we didn't recognize, asked us if we were Paul and Dan from last year. We met him last year in Bradley.

A shot of the Paradise stop.

Another. On the right is a friend we me, Ingrid. We rode with her the rest of the day.

Riding into Carpinteria which is south of Santa Barbara and is home to famous polo grounds.

The polo grounds I mentioned above.

Rest Stop Four at mile 74.8. Again, they outdid themselves. Too funny. Swan Lake was the theme. This would be the last we saw RS Four (until next year that is).

Ingrid and Paul riding into RS Four.

Me getting in line with the dance troupe!

Riding on the way to the Ventura Beach campgrounds. I'd love to get an RV when I retire. I wonder if Alice would?

Paul riding ahead of me.

I punched it for a while and rode ahead of the pack to take some pictures of them rolling by.

Paul riding by.

And there they went. Camp was about five miles ahead.

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