AIDS/LifeCycle 4 Picture Journal

Day 5 - Thursday June 9, 2005 - Santa Maria to Lompoc

43.46 Miles - 1850' of climbing

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Ride elevation profile for Day Five. Also, click on this link to view a map of the ride. http://experience.aidslifecycle.org/2005/map/


This would be our shortest day of the ride, only being 43 miles. The ratio of climbing however made it seem to be a hard day to some. Since I like to climb, it was a nice fast day for me. It was also "Red Dress" day. No, I didn't wear a dress (but was tempted) but I did wear a red jersey. There were many "creative" outfits out there. One guy rode in a full sequenced dress with heels!

Bike parking before roll out.

More at the beginning. A wall of red!

Rest Stop One at mile 9.5

And more...

The first climb of the day. I can't even imagine that guy climbing with the heels!

Rest Stop Two in Casmilia at mile 21.

Kids from the school in Casmilia. They also come out to support us and gave is great notes. One of the notes read, "Dear Bike Rider, Be careful for glass. Wear knee pads and protection. You can do it. Sincerely, Martin". Too cute.

Me with the kids from Casmilia. The girl on the right is holding one of the letters they were giving out.

My friend Nicole. What is she doing? Relax, she's just getting a tattoo applied. Temporary of course.

Crew members. Beetles I think.

Linc at bike tech at RS Two. The gentleman behind Linc's right shoulder is the famous mountain biker, Tinker Jaurez. No one could hang with him. The only reason we saw him at this rest stop is because he had some tech issues with his bike! Man, this guy was fast. The bike (on the stand directly behind Linc) was Tinker's Cannondale road bike which is his sponsor.

Notice the rider on the left up the road. Tinker and his girl friend. This was the second major climb of the day (not that major). I was pulled over to strip and took the picture.

At that same point with the camera pointed to where we came from.

This is at the top of this climb before we dropped into Vandenberg Air Force Base.

On the way to the infamous Vandenberg climb.

Up the Vandenberg climb.

Looking down on riders on the way to the base of the Vandenberg climb.

A rider riding up the summit of the climb.

Paul summating.

The M&M/Oreo cookie unofficial stop. Yum!

  Paul took this picture of me.

Paul in camp in Lompoc. Notice his red shirt. A Grateful Dead jersey. Ugh, one of them...

Me and my camera's memory stick. Mine was digital. Paul was using a disposable.

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