AIDS/LifeCycle 4 Picture Journal

Day 4 - Wednesday June 8, 2005 - Paso Robles to Santa Maria

101.42 Miles - 3595' of climbing

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Ride elevation profile for Day Four. Also, click on this link to view a map of the ride. http://experience.aidslifecycle.org/2005/map/

Inside our home in the morning. Our routine would start at around 4:40 AM. Wake up, throw on shoes (Tivas in my case), and head to breakfast. Usually breakfast included eggs, oatmeal, some kind of meat (for meat eaters of course), coffee, juice and maybe yogurt. Way more than I usually consume but this kind of nutrition was necessary for multi-day riding we were doing.

A shot of camp as we were on the way to bike parking to get ready to ride out. The course opened at 6:30 AM. We were usually on the road no later than 7:00 AM.

First climb of Day Four called the Evil Twins.  This was on Highway 46 on the way to the coast. Our route would take us past Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and then eventually to the Santa Maria campgrounds. The second of two 100 mile days of the ride.

At the top of the second "Evil Twin". This would mark our half way point to LA.

We stopped to say hello to Mom and Pop. They are on the ride every year supporting us every day. This year on the way up from LA, they were involved in a rear end collision where a truck hit them. God was looking down on them as they only sustained minor injuries. It could have been much worse. They rented a vehicle and came out anyway. They were banged up and bruised but ignored there comfort level and cheered us on. Truly an inspiration. I cried many times on the ride and I admit I did every time I'd see them. Thanks Mom and Pop!

Me with Mom and Pop. My helmet cover? I was an honorary pig for a day. Enough said!

The fantastic view at the top of climb. Usually it's totally fogged in. Beautiful!

  On the way down a "E" ticket descent. I'd say about a seven mile drop.

  Rest Stop Two at mile 33.3 on the coast on the way to Morro Bay.

Bike parking at RS Two. You can see Morro rock in the background.

Paul with the Morro rock in the background.

This is my friend Bet who was crewing this year at RS Two. She makes a great Courtney Love, huh? Man, that needle in her arm looked real!

Me and Courtney.

We had to stop fro coffee in Cayucas! Lattes and a cinnamon bun!

Morro rock in Morro Bay. Absolutely beautiful.

Lunch at mile 50.1 in San Luis Obispo.

Paul coming up at lunch. I thought he was still on the road. Paul rode really well this year.

Kids at a Montessori school in San Luis. Their number one question posed to me? Why was I wearing pig ears on my helmet.

Water Stop at mile 70.9 in Pismo Beach. There were witches out...

An asphalt pit in the water stop. The crew member was advising riders to dismount their brooms as they entered.

Scott welcoming us into Southern California. It was always great to see Scott singing on the side of the road, welcoming riders. Again, a staple on AIDS rides.

This is the view of valley we would drop into on the way to Santa Maria. What would become an incredible tailwind after the next rest stop would be our enemy fro next four or five miles as a killer crosswind. With trucks roaring by and us fighting the crosswind, this section would be my least favorite of the entire ride (well maybe not quite as bad as the lousy road surface issues on the beginning of Day Three).

Rest Stop Four at mile 86.8. For this top, the crew tooled up at NASCAR mechanics sponsored by who else? Viagra! Funny.

Our gear at the Santa Maria camp site. On teh way in, we had a tailwind which enabled me to average 30 MPH for about ten miles. Outstanding!

Our section "B". It was good to home (for the night anyway).


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