AIDS/LifeCycle 4 Picture Journal

Day 3 - Tuesday June 7, 2005 - King City to Paso Robles

75.41 Miles - 2352' of climbing

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Ride elevation profile for Day Three. Also, click on this link to view a map of the ride. http://experience.aidslifecycle.org/2005/map/

Paul and Lincoln at Rest Stop One at mile 18.9 which is at the base of "Quad Buster Hill" which is a 1.3 mile climb at a constant 9%. It is IMHO, the toughest climb of the entire ride. The ride to this rest stop is also in my opinion, the worst of the ride due to the terrible road condition.

Me and Lincoln is RS One. Look, Linc has sprouted horns.

Ginger Brewlay, a fixture on AIDS rides for years, was near the top of the Quad Buster Hill. As a side note, I stopped at the base of the hill to assist a rider whose chain had wedged between his bottom bracket and his small chain ring and would not move. Together, we unwedged it and he was able to do the climb. As I was riding away from him, he said, "Hey, thanks a hell of a lot".  Somehow, I feel it was not an enthusiastic response ;-).

Me and Linc at the top of Quad Buster. Linc (and some others) were going down the hill and riding back up, supposedly to give riders motivation to get up the hill. Personally, I find this practice to be pretentious.  All it ever did for me was piss me off. I don't think I've ever had a newbie say it helped them. I gave Linc a piece of my mind, half jokingly of course...

Entrance to Rest Stop Two at mile 30 out near Ft. Hunter -Liggett. The climbing for the day was over.

Randy Barber at RS Two.

Looking for my bike again.

Rest Stop Three at mile 42.3. It was starting to heat up, as usual.

Bike parking at RS Three.

Riding into the town of Bradley. The town of Bradley looks for to the AIDS ride rolling into town every year. They cook hamburgers for us and sell items that proceeds go to the school. They make enough money from us coming through to fund needed services that would not be normally available.

The sales crew from Bradley. So cute. I bought a pen for a dollar. Well, actually, I paid $10 for it.

Another shot of our lunch stop at Bradley.

Rest Stop Four at the Mission San Miguel at mile 65.8. Again, the crew fro RS Four went all out performing songs and skits from "The Sound of Music". Very funny!!!

The puppet show.

RS Four crew always went out of their way to "accessorize". Curtains inside each porta potty!

Paul walking with me into the camp site in Paso Robles. We would set up our tent, shower and proceed directly to Big Ole' Burgers that is located across the street from the camp site. No camp food for us today! Woooh oooh!

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