AIDS/LifeCycle 4 Picture Journal

Day 1 - Sunday June 5, 2005 - San Francisco to Aptos

88.8 Miles - 4200' of climbing

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 Ride elevation profile for Day One. Also, click on this link to view a map of the ride. http://experience.aidslifecycle.org/2005/map/

Paul Cotruvo, my tent mate at the beginning of the ride outside opening ceremonies.

Paul and me inside the Cow Palace at beginning ceremonies before the ride.

Rest stop 1 on Skyline Blvd. at mile 6.8. Beautiful, cool day.

Yes, that's a helicopter filming the ride on the first day.

My friend and fellow Training Ride Leader, Nicole Held. Nicole was also a member of Team Pig!

Another Training Ride Leader, Randy Barber who was a member of the Moto Crew this year. Next year, he'll be back riding.

Randy's ride is usually a Seven Titanium road bicycle. This year, a three month old Harley. SSWWWEEEETTTT!

On the way down to Half Moon Bay, I needed to pull over to strip away some layers because it was heating up. I looked up and saw this cool restaurant. I took the picture for a friend who used to live there.

Me and Dr. Lillian. She is a member of the medical crew who I met a few years ago on ALC1. She had a name tag then and I had my picture taken with her for my niece, Lillian. I saw her this year and had to have my picture taken with her again. And yes, she was riding the whole ride this year. And, after finishing each day, she'd go to work in the Medical tent. Truly amazing!

Paul at lunch at San Gregario Beach at mile 40.9.

I'm not sure why I was eating my knuckle when I had a delicious lunch in front of me.

I took this shot of a film crew at lunch. They were from LOGO TV that were on the ride for the entire week. They were also one of the sponsors.

Another shot at lunch. Notice the climb up Highway One right after lunch. Nice way to digest your food!

Rest Stop Three crew member at mile 61.4. I think the theme was from Hogwarts from the movie series, Harry Potter. Outstanding! And it would continue all week. Each rest stop would dream up a theme for each day.

Paul, me, Steven Seaweed (jock from 107.7, the BONE) and fellow veteran rider Lincoln. I've known Lincoln and Steven for years. Steven is an avid cyclist who bumps elbows with Lance Armstrong and I'm proud to say, is one of my contributors. Steven rode with Lincoln the first day. I tried to hang with them but they dusted me.

Me and a giant from Hogwarts that was directing traffic.

Paula and the same giant.

Rest Stop Four at mile 74.2. Their theme was Dollywood. IMHO, Rest Stop Four really, really went out their way to out do their selves. More on that later.

Paul and the "Dolly's".

The Ugly Mug Coffee shop about a couple of miles short of the camp site, They open their doors every year to AIDS Riders and give away free Lattes, espresso, whatever. I even had a gelato. Their tip jar was overflowing. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! Thanks Ugly Mug!

Someone purchased strawberries for us at camp. Excellent.

Paul outside our home for the next week at the Aptos campsite at mile 88.8.

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